We Use the Locate Android Phone Feature for Family Security Purposes

I have had a cell phone since the first flip phones were coming out. It was not long before that when the only cell phone was in a bag that you plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter. Then we had the phones that looked like a brick. Now I have a smartphone that is much more powerful than my first computers. If I would have lost one of those old phones, there would be no finding it. Now I can locate Android phone models on my account down to within a couple of square feet of where they are at. This is a really cool feature to have available, especially considering how much these new phones cost.

When our daughter had her phone stolen by an acquaintance, I was able to track where it was at immediately. The person who stole it had put it in his backpack, and the backpack was in the trunk of a mutual friend’s car. No one expected the kid to be a thief, and proving he was sure made a difference in how our daughter accepts and trusts people now. Continue reading We Use the Locate Android Phone Feature for Family Security Purposes

We Are Ready for Sales Now

I knew that I was asking a lot of the small group of managers that I was in charge of. We had always been in the business of customer service, and now the ground rules were changing. We were making sales a major part of a new platform, and this made a lot of them uncomfortable. I could definitely understand that because I never considered myself a sales person either. In fact, it was why I went into this line of work! Times change though, so I did a search for consultative selling tips on my computer.

I figured I could gather some great information, and we could have a long lunch meeting discussing the various things we could do to get through this. What I found instead showed me that we needed something more. First off, a long lunch meeting is just not enough time to teach people how to have an effective sales skill. Secondly, I discovered that since I did not know much about sales myself, I was definitely the wrong person to be teaching this to anyone else. Continue reading We Are Ready for Sales Now

Fighting for the Comic Universe

I really love playing the Marvel Future Fight game on my phone. There are so many of my favorite Marvel characters to chose from for my team. I like to have a team with only characters from the Spider Man franchise. While I love the game, sometimes I hate how quickly my characters run out of energy. It seems like I’m only playing for a short while before my characters are near the point of death. There’s also the problem of running low on gold and crystals. To fix this problem, I used Marvel Future Fight cheats that I found online.

Before using the cheats, I had to make sure that they were safe to use on my phone. Continue reading Fighting for the Comic Universe

How Secure is Your Phone?

I have been thinking about this ever since I met this guy who was really paranoid about being spied on. Of course he had a reason, since his parents had apparently been using this snapchat hacking app to spy on him and the girl that he was dating. In fact they were right to be suspicious of this girl, she was really bad news and the only reason you would go out with her is the reason that guys chase bad girls so hard. It is a big deal that you have to worry about this sort of thing, but what these people did was completely legal. If you do not want to have this happen to you, then there is an easy way to get out of it. You just have to buy your own phone and do not let anyone else have access to it, ever. Continue reading How Secure is Your Phone?

I Wonder if This Could Work

I was reading some stuff on the web today and I ran into this this naturaful review, that is a really strange thing. It is a cream that is supposed to make breasts grow. It seems very unlikely to work and if it did work, then there is no reason that you would have to worry about advertising the stuff. If it did work, then you would have to tell people yourself, the word of mouth would spread like wildfire. Continue reading I Wonder if This Could Work

I Am Working for an Exotic Car Dealer

Of course this is something that a friend of mine from church got me into. Like me he is retired, but that gets to be really boring and he found a job delivering vehicles for a dealership here in town. He has a powerful pick up truck with a fifth wheel trailer hitch and the dealer has a trailer which can carry up to four vehicles, depending on how heavy they are. Obviously if you tried to put four of the heaviest cars on it, then you would need a bigger truck to pull it. Today a Lambo Reventon was up on the trailer that I was pulling. Continue reading I Am Working for an Exotic Car Dealer

I Have a New Girl

It was not really much of my doing, it was obviously all her idea and I did not really resist the idea. A friend of mine from Computer Science introduced us one day at the library, about a week later she called me up and asked me out for pizza. At any rate it was obvious from the start that she was waiting for me to take the initiative and I did not pretend that I was dense enough not to realize it. I bought her a star ruby gemstone pendant for the second date, it was not very expensive and it did not say anything that would have seemed too weird. Obviously a diamond would have been more money than I have and it would have not been the right message. She seemed to really like it and of course things moved at a pretty nice pace.

I soon found out that her mother was a kidney doctor and the family was quite well off. Continue reading I Have a New Girl

My Neighbor Had to Push Me into Saving Money on Our Electric Bills in Texas

My neighbor told me that I could save money on my energy bill since I am a Texas resident. I told him I liked my electricity provider just fine. He showed me a link and told me how I could just “click here and lower my electric bill.” I politely declined. I was getting a bit frustrated because he was sounding like a pushy salesman. I was wondering if he was doing some multi-level marketing thing since he was so persistent. It turns out that he really was just happy with how much he was saving on his own electric bill at his house.

He is like me. He has a big house and a big garage detached from the house. He has a separate electric meter on the garage building like I do. So, we are both paying two electric bills for one property. Continue reading My Neighbor Had to Push Me into Saving Money on Our Electric Bills in Texas

Is this Oldest weaving art video ever recorded?

Wow, this might be the oldest weaving art video ever recorded.

This old weaving video is Filmed and produced as a German educational film.

It shows the traditional methods used to create wicker furniture from reed rope.

So what is Wicker?
It is a material made of plant stalks, branches and shoots and they are weaved into a rigid material so they can be made into basket or furntiure. Plastic fibers are now used as well for their cost, flexibility and durability.