My Neighbor Had to Push Me into Saving Money on Our Electric Bills in Texas

My neighbor told me that I could save money on my energy bill since I am a Texas resident. I told him I liked my electricity provider just fine. He showed me a link and told me how I could just “click here and lower my electric bill.” I politely declined. I was getting a bit frustrated because he was sounding like a pushy salesman. I was wondering if he was doing some multi-level marketing thing since he was so persistent. It turns out that he really was just happy with how much he was saving on his own electric bill at his house.

He is like me. He has a big house and a big garage detached from the house. He has a separate electric meter on the garage building like I do. So, we are both paying two electric bills for one property. We also have a barn that has been converted into a space we use for entertaining friends and family as well as storing a couple classic cars and some antiques. The electricity to light and heat/cool it costs a lot. My neighbor showed me his electric bills for the last few months. There was a nice difference in the amounts going lower. Then I asked him what his last year’s bills looked like for the same months. Well, he had them at the ready and showed me.

I could see a big drop in what he paid per month from last year with his old provider and this year with the new lower per kilowatt hour rate he was paying on his monthly electric bills. Well, I can say that I suddenly got interested in following his advice to “click here” to find out what I could save on our electric bills at our house.

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